Peace 24-7 presents the Freedom Festival on Saturday, August 1st, and Sunday, August 2nd from 1 PM to 7 PM in the Maine Coast Mall parking lot behind Governor’s Restaurant in Ellsworth, Maine.

Get ready for a day of fun, music, entertainment, and a celebration of the freedoms we have here in the United States of America.



The Freedom Festival will feature multiple shows from the Crevier Family and Champions Forever, Bruce, Diane, and eight of their children and Bruce’s sister, Tanya Crevier.  Bruce and Tanya hold or have held several records in the “Guinness Book of Records” for various Basketball skills. Their amazing performances of Basketball spinning, tricks, and riding unicycles in tandem earned them a spot in the America’s Got Talent final 50 live contestants at Radio City Music Hall in 2013.


The Freedom Festival will also feature live music from various bands singers including a patriotic theme.

Below please find the schedule of events for the Freedom Festival (schedule subject to change) and please sign up to receive email notifications with additional information and a reminder as the event gets closer.

Plans for 2-day “Freedom Festival”--Patriotic Celebrations of Freedom

*Featuring “Champions Forever” Family Ministry*
Saturday and Sunday, August 1 and 2, 2020,
Parking Lot at Maine Coast Mall, Ellsworth
Sponsored by Peace 24-7 (501c3 tax-deductible ministry)


*TENTATIVE SCHEDULE: 6 hours, 6 acts, including 6 spiritual presentations*: 


1:00—1:10: Welcome/Prayer/Flag Salute/National Anthem

ACT 1—1:10—1:55: Kick-Off With Paula Dunn

ACT 2—1:55—2:00: Introduce the Crevier Family

2:00—3:00: Crevier Family "Champions Forever" performance

ACT 3—3:00--3:10: John *Salute to Law Enforcement agencies at all
levels. Thin Blue Line flag* and introduce singer (Dave Mumford)

3:10—3:50: Concert by Dave Mumford

ACT 4—3:50—4:00: Introduce Creviers

4:00—5:00: Crevier Family "Champions Forever" performance

Act 5—5:00—5:05: John introduce “Kindred Hearts” music group

5:05—5:50: Kindred Hearts concert

ACT 6—5:50—6:00: John *Salute to all our Armed Forces, including
our Veterans, active service members and those who have given the
ultimate sacrifice and Introduce Creviers


6:00—7:00: Crevier Family "Champions Forever" performance

Keep Up To Date On The Freedom Festival

Coronavirus Safety Policy: We strongly believe in our Biblical Christian values and our United States and Maine Constitutional rights. Therefore we believe all citizens have the freedom of choice to do the following: 

social distance or not social distance

wear a mask or not wear a mask

bring your own hand sanitizer or not bring your own hand sanitizer

Please respect all people attending, whether you agree personally with their position on these issues or not.

This Freedom Festival event will be live-streamed so please only attend if you are in 100% agreement with this safety policy.

All are welcome to attend or all are welcome to stay home.

Thank you and God bless America! 

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